Stop demanding money from citizens; acting Top Cop tells ranks


Acting top cop, David Ramnarine is sending a strong message to those ranks who continue to demand money and other assets from citizens, deeming it a shameful act that needs to be halted immediately.


“Our role is to serve, not serve at a price…it’s becoming ridiculous, very widespread among you the junior ranks,” he told those at last Saturday’s meeting.


Ramnarine  warned that there is no place for those ranks who are averse to criticisms by the general public. He reinforced that this is imperative if the organization wants to be labeled as a transparent and accountable one.


“If you don’t want to be questioned, you are in the wrong profession, if you think your actions are all above board and that nobody should ask you anything about your actions, you are in the wrong profession, you have taken the wrong oath,”he said.


Ramnarine said the true police officer is one who enjoys his/her work, interacts with the public, understands his/her law enforcement role, as well as his/her social service mandate.


Meanwhile, the acting Top Cop explained to the ranks that the push for better community/police relations started years ago. Crime prevention, he pointed out is not the sole province of the police.

” We need to establish healthy, working relationships with those we serve in various aspects and facets of social life…we need to, have to,  must do it,” the Top Cop warned.


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