Counsellors to be placed in every school- Minister Roopnarine


By Malisa Playter-Harry



The Minister of Education Dr. Rupert Roopnarine during a recent visit to Region six highlighted that “for us to truly succeed in what we are doing we have the issue to deal with of discipline”.


The Education Minister acknowledged that with the abolishment of corporal punishment in schools, there is a need for counsellors to be installed in every school.


He informed that “within the next few years we will have a counsellor in every school”.


According to Roopnarine, a central counselling Unit was established at the Ministry of Education in an effort to have trained counsellors  placed in schools across the country.


He pointed out that even with teachers retiring, “why don’t we extract some of these retired teachers, those who are interested and have them trained  as counsellors”.


The Minister expressed the belief that having counsellors in every school will serve as a medium for discipline. According to Roopnarine , “this I think is crucial”.

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