President Granger accredits new Ambassador of the Philippines to Guyana


Jose Dela Rosa Burgos, was today accredited by Head of State, David Granger as Ambassador of the Philippines to Guyana with both sides pledging continued collaboration and cooperation in a number of areas.


Guyana and the Philippines, eight years ago on September 25 established formal ties and since then both nations have enjoyed fruitful relations in the areas of agriculture, business and medicine.


The newly accredited ambassador after handing over his letter of credence to the Guyanese leader expressed gratitude to the government for having adequate labour and social laws that protect the rights of the over 100 Filipinos that have made Guyana their second home.


He alluded to an internship programme between Texila American University and hospitals in the Philippines, where students are undergoing training in various areas of the medical profession.


Port Management, Information Technology and energy are other areas highlighted by the new ambassador as lucrative areas of possible cooperation.


Plans are also in the pipeline for the establishment of a Philippine Honorary Consul in Georgetown to enhance trade and investment cooperation between the two nations, as well as identify other areas of collaboration.


Meantime, President David Granger in his remarks also expressed gratitude to the Government and People of the Philippines for the expertise they have brought to Guyana in the various fields and expressed his Government’s willingness for further collaboration.


The Head of State alluded to the fact that both nations have exhibited mutual respect for the sovereignty of states.


The President called for further cooperation in sustainable development for the  protection of the two countries from the adverse effects of climate change and preservation of the environment.

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