Robb Street Vendors to resume vending from Thursday


Vendors who were removed from Vending on Robb Street, between Alexander and Bourda Streets on Tuesday by the City Council, will resume vending on Thursday morning.


This was a decision made during a meeting today with Town Clerk, Royston King on Wednesday.


According to City Hall, the vendors will return to the area after the Council would have sanitised the area.


The council added that the area was closed after numerous complaints about the build-up of garbage and the vendors agreed to have a marshal to monitor garbage disposal while making individual surroundings clean.


However, during a visit to the location earlier today, the vendors criticised the Council for making rash decisions.


“For my whole life, entirely, for my family, is over 18 years am selling permanent crops and cash crops.” One of the vendors who were removed from the Robb Street area on Tuesday told News Room as she added that “we feel this is injustice to us, we’re trying to make an honest living out here and these people don’t care how we get it but when they come to collect their revenue, they must get it up to date, otherwise you gone, you can’t sell.”


The teary-eyed woman who sells vegetables noted that “we have perishables, we had a lot of tomatoes that can’t keep and this is unbearable…we have nowhere to get back this money…nobody cares about us out here…a lot of times we have robberies out here and nobody don’t come but yesterday everyone from the council came and treating us like criminals.”


Another woman told News Room that she has been vending for 13 years and “the council ain’t coming and talk with nobody and say well yuh can’t sell or anything. One morning, they mayor them can wake up and say no selling nowhere.”


One woman, name given as Devika criticised the Council which she noted is still collecting its revenue.


Most of the women would normally travel from as far as Berbice, and farming communities along the East Coast.


For years many persons would drive through the busy market area while doing their shopping from the comfort of their vehicles.

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