13 spectacular delegates to vy for the Miss Guyana Universe 2016 Crown


The upcoming Miss Guyana Universe Pageant 2016 is going to be a contest to remember.


Every contestant possesses a quality that could very well give anyone of them the edge, come pageant night on September 17. It is evident that some of the delegates bring a wealth of experience to the table while others are an overload of wittiness, charm, beauty and more. But one thing is certain; they all have that common thread of sophistication, style and sassiness.


The delegates of the pageant are Odessa Gorgan, Rafieya Hussain, Ariella Basdeo, Aysya Kelly, Iman Jaisingh, Ashley John, Ximeria Kippins, Malika Russell, Denisha Rogers, Ashley Cameron, Soyini Fraser, Keleisha Kelly and Meleisa DeFrietas.


Each of them brings an individual spice and quality to the lineup.


In the case of Grogan, this young woman is without question, a gorgeous gem. She is articulate, funny, a lover of life and enthusiastic about making new experiences. But what is most impressive about her is her passion for raising awareness when it comes to child abuse.


Sharing similar qualities are Ximeria Kippins, Denisha Rogers, Keleisha Kelly, Aysya Kelly and Iman Jaisingh. These five young women can easily be referred to as the captivating sapphires of the pageant.


Their demure yet alluring personality should not be taken for granted. And what they lack in pageant experience, they undoubtedly make up for in poise, talent, charisma, intelligence and confidence. Most would be aware that confidence in particular, is one of the qualities that pageant judges always look for.


But those young ladies should not take contestants like Rafieya Hussain, Ariella Basdeo , Soyini Fraser, Malika Russell and Ashley Cameron, lightly.

Hussain in 2014 won the local Miss Guyana World Pageant. She then went on to secure Guyana’s first placement after 43 years in the international version of the pageant.


Malika Russell , a beautiful but formidable competitor, had competed in Miss Guyana Universe 2015 and is back again hoping to steal the Miss Guyana Universe crown.


Soyini Fraser is one whose reputation precedes her. She has participated in several pageants and placed in top positions. In 2010, she won the locally held Miss Earth Pageant. She then moved onto the international leg where she placed in the Top 12 for Talent.


Fraser also participated in the 2011 edition of the Miss Princess of the World Pageant where she won the third runner-up position. She then proceeded to contest the Miss Guyana World Pageant 2012 where she secured the first runner-up position.


Miss Ashley Cameron also is no stranger to pageantry since she had participated in the 2013 hosting of Miss Jamzone International. She was one of three finalists.

Also in that year, she competed in the Miss United Nations pageant where she won. In the Miss Guyana Universe Pageant 2014, Fraser secured the first runner-up position and was crowned the winner of the Miss Jamzone International Pageant that year.


Basdeo, a competitor who takes her training to unimaginable levels, was Miss Global Guyana 2015. She has also competed in other pageants locally as well as at the international level.


It is clear that these young women are pageant veterans. Make no mistake, they are fierce competitors and their wealth of experience in this arena is easily seen in every stride they take and every word they utter in the Miss Guyana Universe 2016 pageant preparation stage. Much will also be expected from them in this pageant.


But in the case of newcomer Ashley John, this young woman certainly brings a level of fearlessness that is quite admirable. Unlike most, John is unafraid of making mistakes or being nervous. She is the kind of woman who is confident that if she doesn’t get it right the first time, she is certainly going to go at it again until it is perfected. Her determination and strength are what makes her a contestant to watch. John is without a doubt stunning but her being the embodiment of refined speech , wisdom, elegance and humility makes her a force to be reckoned with.


The Miss Guyana Universe 2016 crown is designed and created by George Wittels. Additionally, whichever of these enterprising delegates emerges as the Queen will participate in the World Fashion Parade which is to be held at Gotham Hall, in New York on September 25, 2016.


The News Room wishes them all good look in a pageant that will more than likely be remembered for years to come.

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