AFC rubbishes claims of the party reneging on its promises


Leader of the Alliance For Change (AFC), Khemraj Ramjattan has denied claims that his party has reneged on promises to keep the rest of the Coalition; A Partnership for National Unity in line.


During a Press Conference on Friday, Ramjattan said “We have not violated any promise to the country. We are doing best as possible to find out what are the wrongs…with a lot of challenges and the heavy bureaucracy, it is not going to happen overnight.” He added that errors are going to be made, but it is more important to look at what is being done to remedy those errors in governance.


The AFC Leader was asked by media operatives, whether he is satisfied that the party’s issues are being adequately represented in Government to which he said, “we feel that we’re doing a real fantastic job of it thus far.”


He further explained that “in the context of the development and the issues that arise, we are dealing with them very very well…and with a view of ensuring that what is in hand is the public’s interest and we’re doing that.”

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