Magistrate and lawyers abandon courtroom due to deplorable state


By Royan Abrams

The atmosphere at the Springlands Magistrates Court has become unbearable over recent weeks, due to the obnoxious scent emanating from the ceiling of the courtroom.


This has forced the presiding Magistrate, Rabindranauth Singh to adjourn the court on September 08, 2016, until something is done to improve the condition of the building.


The action of the magistrate has left persons whose matters are scheduled to be heard at the said court, some of whom are on remand awaiting trial.


According to information received, the magistrate had raised the issue on several occasions but to date, nothing has been done to address the situation at the court. It was also noted that this is not the first time that the presiding Magistrate had to adjourn the court proceedings because of the condition of the building.


News Room was told that on one occasion sections of the roof had collapsed a short distance from the magistrate’s desk.


Efforts were made to get a comment from the Magistrate but were unsuccessful.


Meanwhile, this publication was told that an alternative building was already identified to house the courtroom, however,  the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) Chairman, David Armogan has been pussyfooting on the approval of the building.


Sources said preparations will be made for the Springlands Magistrates court to be housed at the former RDC sub-office in Springlands which is currently vacant.


More details on this issue as it become available.

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