Vendors should not pay City Constables for the Council’s services


Several concerns have been raised by vendors at Bourda Market in relation to the collection of fees by members of the City Council and more so, City Constables and according to the Deputy Mayor the only persons authorised to collect monies are tax collectors.


Some of the vendors are those who were removed from vending on Robb Street, between Alexander and Bourda Streets on Tuesday by the City Council. They also alleged that the council continues to collect fees, even as they’re being removed.


During a press conference hosted by the Alliance For Change (AFC) today, Deputy Mayor of Georgetown, Sherod Duncan clarified that any fee owed to the Council is collected by tax collectors and therefore urged that no monies be paid to constables.


“There are specific people who are authorised by Council to receive, whether a fee for cleaning or stalls and so on. That is the tax collectors or the Mayor and City council so anything outside of that, I would say clearly to our vendors, they ought not to be paying any money in any form or fashion to any rank of the City Constabulary” the Deputy Mayor said.


He added that the tax collectors should also provide an identification showing that they were given the authority to collect monies on behalf of the council.


During this week’s recording of The Public Interest, President David Granger condemned the removal of the vendors without the necessary provisions for relocation.


“I would urge the City Council to deal with these issues in a humane manner, at the same time, ensuring that before any move is made or any action is taken that there is an alternative…It’s a legitimate business” the Head of State pointed out.


The Vendors had also pointed out that the council does not move in such a swift manner when robberies are conducted at the market.


To this, Deputy Mayor, Duncan noted that the Council is working to address the issue. However, he said providing the necessary equipment for the constables is a major challenge.


“In comparison with some of the weaponry that the criminals have, the city constabulary do not have that so we have to move to recapitalise the constabularies so that they’re able to go ‘toe-to-toe’ with the criminal elements who want to break and enter, whether stalls or want to confront people within the spaces that we have the mandate to protect” he explained.


He further stated that there are many continuing issues relating to vendors that the Council is looking into.

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