Dharmic Sabha urges persons to join countrywide candlelight vigils to observe World Suicide Prevention Day


The Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha will be joining other organisations, including Caribbean Voices in hosting candlelight vigils around the country in observance of World Suicide Prevention Day today (Saturday, September 10th, 2016).


In this regard, it is appealing to persons to join in these activities, as well as to attend all activities which seek to “give courage to those who are coping with Mental Health disorders including depression, to those who have lost loved ones to suicides, to those who are survivors of attempted suicides and to raise the awareness about this terrible thing that robs too many families and communities of loved ones.”


Candlelight vigils which will feature inspiring talks, poetry, singing and more will be hosted at the following locations;


– Central Dharmic Naujawan – Shri Krishna Mandir at 6:30 pm

– Dharmic Naujawan – WCD Praant at the OceanviewMandir, WCD at 5:30pm

– East Berbice Praant’s Golden Om Dharmic Youth Group at 6:00pm – Reliance Veda Centre

– Bush Lot Vishnu Mandir, C/tyne at 7:00pm

– Strathavon Mandir, ECD at 6:30pm

– Bath Mandir and Woodley Park Mandirs, WCB at 6:00pm

-Coverden Mandir, Soesdyke Vishnu Vishnu Mandir, Durga Devi Mandir, Kundalini Mandir and Shakti Mandir, EBD at 6:00pm

– Essequibo Praant and its Naujawaan – Anna Regina Car Park at 6:30pm

– On Sunday, September 11th , join the Sabha at the ParikaDharmicMandir, EBE at 6:00pm for a vigil and a special DharmicSatsang.

Persons can walk with a candle or their cellphones.

“Let’s join hands and save lives”


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