PPP calls for scrapping of Storage Bond Deal; AFC believes response was “sufficient”


The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) maintains that the controversial storage bond deal between the government and Linden Holdings Inc. must be terminated, however, the Alliance For Change (AFC) believes that actions taken by the government thus far, are “sufficient”.


At a Press Conference on Friday at Freedom House, Robb Street, Opposition Chief Whip, Gail Teixeira noted that government must do what is honourable, and end the controversial contract for the rental of the privately-owned Sussex Street bond.


However, responding to questions at the AFC Headquarters, Railway Embankment, Kitty, also on Friday, Minister of Public Security and Leader of the AFC, Khemraj Ramjattan said the remedies taken thus far are sufficient.


“At this stage we feel that we have gone the gamut in relation to identifying the wrong that was done and what our sub-committee at Cabinet did was to ensure that it sought some remedies and the remedies of having the renegotiation and having the minister who is ultimately responsible to apologise, I think are sufficient” he told media operatives.


Asked whether the government will actually move to find the culprit that initiated the deal with Linden Holdings Inc., he concluded that persons may not want to speak, despite accepting that “I don’t know what the further investigation can prove.”


“I don’t know if anyone will say, yes I did that, knowing that we are dealing with humans…should we then bang our heads against the wall of finding out?..we might not get there. Why not remedy the situation so that the public’s interest and even to a certain extent, the cabinet’s decision, could be somewhat redeemed as a result of the remedial action taken and that is what we feel is the priority,” Ramjattan said.


Minister of Public Health, Dr. George Norton had apologised for inaccurate information provided to the National Assembly in relation to the monies being spent to rent the bond, while Cabinet recently stated that it’s looking to renegotiate the three-year contract and acquire its own storage bond.


The pharmaceutical bond is being rented for GYD$12.5 million monthly.

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