Several organizations benefit from contributions by United Women for Special Children


United Women for Special Children, a Non-Governmental Organization in Guyana, in its efforts to ensure less fortunate children attend school, has made meaningful contributions of school supplies and other resources to several organizations and individuals.


The group says this is to ease the pressure of the transition from the August vacation to the new school term.


Beneficiaries include the Linden Care Foundation, David Rose School for the Handicapped and Jamal Douglas, a nineteen-year-old young man with cerebral palsy.


The UWSC assisted with the purchase of all the necessary school supplies for the Linden Care Foundation, as well as provided a tablet to support the students with their research for homework and other studies.


Linden Care Foundation operates a “Support to stay in school Project” where approximately 25 students are provided with school supplies, which includes backpacks, books, uniforms, shoes , socks and more.


They also assist in an after-school care where the students have a safe environment to complete their homework, research, and receive counseling.


This year, students of the David Rose School for the Handicapped will return to see a new stove installed in the kitchen, which will support the feeding programme.


A new computer lab equipped with new computers, a server and programs specifically designed to serve the needs of the students at David Rose were also donated by the UWSC.


Recognizing the difficulty Jamal Douglas, a nineteen-year old cerebral palsy young man, has with getting to school each day, the group provided him with a laptop so that he can conduct his studies and research at home.


The primary objective of the UWSC is to help children with special needs meet their highest potential.

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