Two arrested for aiding and abetting teen who escaped from Juvenile Holding Centre


By Royan Abrams

Members of the Guyana Police Force in Berbice have arrested a fisherman and his wife after one of the teens who escaped from the Juvenile Holding Center in Sophia, was found at their home.


44-year-old Taijpaul Thomas and his wife 41-year-old Kamilla Bhagwandin were arrested at their home located at Tain Settlement, Corentyne on Saturday 10,2016.


The police had reported that three teens who were arrested for various offences and were taken to the Juvenile Holding Center pending charges, had dug a hole and escaped from the facility on the morning of September 10, 2016.


According to a police source, it was about 19:15 hours when ranks from the Guyana Police Force went to the home of Thomas to conduct a search for arms, ammunition, narcotics and a wanted person and the officers found the 15-year-old male who had earlier escaped from the Juvenile Holding Center.


The occupants of the home were later arrested and taken into police custody pending charges.


Meanwhile, so far the police were able to rearrest two out of the three teens who escaped from the Juvenile Holding Center, one of which was recaptured at Rose Hall Town on the Corentyne while the other was arrested at Tain Settlement, Coretyne.


The police are still to recapture the third escapee.

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