Brothers brutally stabbed by a group of men at wedding house


By Royan Abrams

Two brothers of Experiment Village, West Coast of Berbice (W.C.B) were stabbed about their bodies after an argument ensued between their third brother and a group of men at a wedding house located at Waterloo, Bath Settlement, W.C.B on September 10, 2016.


News Room was told that 31-year-old Khemraj Jodha, his brother 36-year-old Jaggarnauth Jodha and Radrindra Jodha were all at a wedding house at Waterloo, Bath Settlement where they were consuming alcohol.


At about 23:00 hours, it is alleged that Radrindra had a misunderstanding with another identifiable male who slapped him to his mouth. He then left the wedding house to inform his other brothers Khemraj and Jaggernauth who returned to the scene to confront the accused. However, the two brothers were greeted by four men who attacked them with broken bottles.


Khemraj was dealt a stab to the back of his neck while Jaggarnauth sustained stab wounds to various parts of his body.


The matter was reported to the Fort Wellington Police station, after which several ranks visited the scene and questioned several persons. However, no useful information was provided to the officers.


The two brothers were later taken to the Fort Wellington Hospital where they were treated by a doctor and admitted to the male ward. Their conditions were listed as stable.


Investigations into the matter are ongoing.

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