UPDATE; Corentyne accident- Mother lost son on her birthday


By Royan Abrams

Following an accident at Number 50 Leeds Village, Corentyne last evening that claimed the lives of two persons, News Room spoke to the survivors of the accident who disclosed that they were all under the influence of alcohol.


News Room previously reported that around 21:30hrs last night, the speeding motor vehicle (Toyota Spacio) bearing licence plate PPP 4744 struck a horse causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle.


The accident claimed the lives of a father of two, 45-year-old Richard Ramnarine who was the driver at the time, a porter, 23-year-old Ramesh Rampat and left 24-year-old Prakash Gangaram, 31-year-old Rameshwar Mangal and 24-year old Mahendra Ramprakash seriously injured.

Richard Ramnarine and sons in happier times
Richard Ramnarine and sons in happier times
Ramesh Rampat-dead
Ramesh Rampat-dead

The three injured persons were treated at the Skeldon Hospital and sent home on the morning of September 12, 2016.


Two of the injured men confirmed that all the occupants of the car were under the influence of alcohol and that they could not remember much of what transpired.


Mahendra Rampakash who sustained head injuries and a broken arm disclosed that they were consuming alcohol at the home of the now dead driver, and they were on their way to drop home one of the men when three horses ran in the path of the motor car.


According to Rampakash, the car collided with one of the horse causing the driving to lose control and slammed into a bridge then toppled several times before coming to a halt. The young man said he cannot recall what happened after, other than waking up in the hospital.


Bashir Hussain, the stepfather of deceased Ramesh Rampat related that yesterday was Rampat’s mother birthday and she prepared food for her son after he returned from work.


Hussain noted that when his stepson returned home he ate and left with friends as per normal, however, after some time the family tried to contact him and was unsuccessful as calls to his cell phone went unanswered.


According to the stepfather, their worst fear was confirmed when they received a call informing them that Rampat was involved in an accident and that he was killed.


News Room also spoke to eyewitnesses of the accident.


One person related that he was in his home when he heard a loud noise and upon checking he saw a horse badly injured on the roadways while a car was seen three houses away in a canal, with persons screaming mercilessly.


“When I come out, me and some boys went and tek out three of them boys who come out live and the two other one come out die, them three that alive forehead buss way, head buss up, them get nuff bruk up” he recalled.


Driver of the motor car, Richard Ramnarine who resided alone since he recently separated from his wife, was described as a well respected father to his children.

Investigations into the accident are currently ongoing.

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