MARAD putting systems in place to enhance safety of waterways


The Maritime Administration Department (MARAD) will soon be implementing measures to enhance safety on the country’s waterways in an effort to curb the recent spate of accidents occurring on the rivers.


The Department said operators under the influence of alcohol will be forbidden to operate and those found under the influence of alcohol will have their licenses revoked.


Also, safety offices will be established in Regions 1, 2, and 7 in the areas of Mabaruma, Charity, and Bartica, the Department said.


Additionally, speedboat monitors will be deployed in those areas to conduct safety checks on vessels traversing the waterways. Monitors will be assisted by the law enforcement agencies comprising the Coast Guard and Marine Police.


Further, new River Navigation and Safety Regulations will be produced for those particular areas, and an enhanced prosecution process will follow for persons breaching the safety regulations through the court system.


Other immediate safety measures to be implemented include, zero tolerance for those captains who are not certified, and all passengers’ vessels will not be allowed to operate during the hours of darkness, only in the case of an emergency.

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