Dr. Ramayya resigns from AFC; Wants back monies spent on Campaign


By Malisa Playter Harry

Dr. VeersammyRamayya who recently tendered his resignation as Regional Executive Officer (REO) of region 6 has also tendered his resignation as part of the Alliance for Change (AFC).


Ramayah stated, “after five long years of commitment to the AFC I have decided now to resign as an executive member of the party. To be honest, I was not treated as an executive member of the party, the five plus years I have given to them was a grave sacrifice on my part financially and with my time and effort”.


Additionally, he expressed displeasure with the decisions being made by the Government which his party is a part of. Ramayya noted that “the promises that were made to eradicate corruption was far beyond what we have reached today and the campaign promises, a blind eye was turned to the reality of what is happening”.


During a press briefing at his home in Whim Village this afternoon, Dr. Ramayya stated that a letter was sent earlier today (September 13, 2016) to Minister David Patterson who is the General Secretary of the AFC.


He also disclosed that he regrets financially contributing to the party during the 2011 and 2015 Elections Campaign and thus had sent several letters to the government and various ministries asking them for reimbursement.


Ramayah said he injected $15 Million in the party during the 2011 campaign period off of his own financial resources. “I received about $5.5 Million, the election cost the region $20 Million, therefore if you minus what was given to the AFC then you can imagine the amount of money I spent,” he said.


He also mentioned the Cummingsburg Accord, noting that the 40% of Cabinet was promised to the AFC was not honoured. “I find that our 40% was not given to us, where is the 40% and I ask our leadership to show me it in Berbice who worked hard and can’t find a job,” he said.


Ramayah stated, “I have no regrets and no apology to the AFC… I am disappointed, enough is enough.”


It is his belief that the Government of the day APNU/AFC combined, are not working in the interest of the people but rather themselves.

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