Prime Minister appeals to drivers to be cautious on roadways


Expressing deep disappointment in the recent spate of accidents on the roadways, Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo is appealing to “drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and all road users to exercise extra care and attentiveness while using our roads.”


Assistant Commissioner of Police, David Ramnarine on Wednesday reported that fatal accidents for 2016 have increased by 33% when compared to the same period in 2015. He reported that a total of 89 fatal accidents were recorded for 2016, thus far, compared to 67 fatal accidents in 2015. There were 96 deaths recorded in 2016 in comparison to 81 deaths by accidents last year.


“I feel a deep sense of sadness and hurt at the continued needless loss of lives on our roads. The deaths of three children are particularly heartrending,” Prime Minister Nagamootoo said in a statement.


He further disclosed that the launch of ‘Operation Safeway’ stemmed from cabinet meetings since the issue of increased road fatalities was raised at both this week’s National Security Committee and Cabinet meetings.


Operation Safeway was ceremonially launched at Police Headquarters, Eve Leary today and will commence on the roadways tomorrow, Thursday, September 15.


“Every Guyanese needs to arrive home alive. We all need to slow down. There is no place for drunkards behind the wheel. I support sanctions against persons charged with serious traffic offenses, especially when they cause injury or death while under the influence of alcohol,” Prime Minister emphatically stated.


“The carnage on our roads leaves so many persons in pain and agony. Mothers, fathers, children, brothers, sisters, wives, husbands and other relatives, friends, neighbours, classmates and work colleagues are all emotionally distressed by the needless loss of life,” he added.


In recent days five lives were lost in three fatal accidents while several persons were hospitalised as a result. 4 years old Abiola Providence was killed on Sherriff Street while siblings, seven-year-old Tina Halley and 10 months old Marvin Halley lost their lives at Blakenburg on the West Coast of Demerara on Tuesday morning. Twenty-three-year-old Ramesh Rampat and 45-year-old Richard Ramnarine also lost their lives in a fatal Corentyne, Berbice accident at the weekend.

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