Rose Hall launches Town Week activities


By Royan Abrams

The 46th anniversary of Guyana’s smallest town was this evening launched with the presentation of several awards to outstanding performers and financial assistance to a single parent.


The town week activities which will run from September 15 to 25, 2016 was launched under the theme ” Proud of our past, optimistic about our future”.


During his address to the gathering at the Arch Road in Rose Hall Town on the Corentyne, President David Granger noted that Rose Hall is a symbol of liberation and a symbol of what ordinary literate people can do.

A section of the gathering
A section of the gathering

“As you know Rose Hall is the smallest town but I just want to let you know that the movement to build in towns has not ended, this year in 2016 we were able to build three new towns for the first time in 45 years because we see what Rose Hall was able to do with its township status, we see that when you empowered the residents and the citizens they can turn backwardness into progress” The Head of State said.


He added that he want to see the example of Rose Hall replicated all over Guyana.


During the opening ceremony, the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club (RHTYSC) also launched a poster on the township of Rose Hall which was followed by several presentations in which the top NGSA student and the top CSEC student received a trip to the Arrow Point Resort.

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Additionally, during last year a student from Rose Hall Town had topped the University of Guyana in Computer Science and he was awarded a trip to the United States.


A special award was given to an accomplished cyclist hailing from Rose Hall Town and a single parent mother residing within in the town received financial assistance for her children to attend school.

Single parent receiving
Single parent receiving her token

In his regard, the President emphasised the need for each child to be educated and urged residents to put more focus on education as this will lead to finding good jobs.


“If you go East Bank Berbice, if you go along the coast, going to the polder you will find that there is a lot of unemployment amongst young people, I’m not a doctor I’m not a psychiatrist but part of the problem is joblessness” he outlined.


The Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club (RHTYSC) is spearheading this year’s Rose Hall Town Week Celebration and has so far spent over $3M on the various events which will run from September 15 to 25, 2016 to mark the town’s 46th Anniversary.


The Town Week activities and celebration will be held at various locations within the town.


Cordinator of the Town Week celebration Hilbert Foster deemed the opening a success as he promised greater things over the week ahead.


He said, “Today all of you should be proud of what you just witnessed and if I can say something, you ain’t see nothing yet, it will get better as the two weeks goes on.”


He also appealed to all Berbicians regardless of their address to make themselves available for the Town Week activities.


The 46th anniversary celebration began with a parade which saw close to a thousand persons, the Guyana police force, the Guyana Defence Force, the town constabulary from about five difference town councils, firemen, prison officers, schools in the area and churches.


The parade which saw spectators flocking the roadways to get a glimpse of the performers started at the entrance of Rose Hall Town and concluded at the Independence Arch which is located in the centre of the town.


President David Granger  took the salute following the parade  while several Mayors from the various township graced the event.


Meanwhile, some of the other calendar events planned for the town week celebration includes a medical outreach programme on Thursday, September 15, 2016 at the St Francis Training Centre, Public exhibition on Rose Hall Town on Friday September 15,2016 at the Independence Arch square, Steel Band concert and dancing competition on Saturday September 17,2016 at Independence Arch square Lazy Hall, Day of sports 5/5 cricket; 5 A side football and basketball on Sunday September 18,2016 at Area “H” Ground, Career and business fair on Thursday September 20,2016 on the Public Road Arch square, Opening of a family recreational park on Friday September 23,2016 in front of the Area “H” Ground, Rose Hall Town Yard fowl curry competition and public concert at the Area “H” Ground along with many more activities at various venues within the town.

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