Eugene F. Correia Airport report not a blame document says Patterson


A draft report on the Eugence F. Correia International Airport has been submitted and Public Infrastructure Minister, David Patterson has made it clear that the report is not a blame document.


“Basically it was a review of the lease and several other issues, the report highlighted what is known, the need for the review committee, when the report is finished, I will sit first with NATA, OAI and the Aircraft Owners Association and then from that I will have to do a comprehensive submission which I would have to  discuss with cabinet,” Patterson said.


Minister Patterson  said the draft report on the Airport was not discussed with the National Air Transport Association (NATA) and the Ogle Airport Inc (OAI), since it was intended to highlight certain deficiencies at the airport to the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) and the Public Infrastructure Ministry.


He clarified that the report  is intended to recommend to the GCAA and MPI the way forward and after the final draft is submitted, then discussions will be held with the stakeholders.


Patterson said this approach was taken by the government, since officials did not want a report that would be influenced by the stakeholders.


During the official renaming of the airport back in May the Public Infrastructure minister had said given the importance of the airport to the aviation sector, its role is expected to expand drastically, hence the need for the review.


He had also promised to work with all stakeholders to ensure that a satisfactory consensus is met.


The NATA was formed after an alleged draconian document was presented by the OAI to the airport’s board of directors including strict rules that would affect the small aircraft operators.


Head of NATA Ms. Annette Arjoon Martins had alleged that OAI had deliberately sought to influence the findings of the review by communicating directly with the Minister and the Lawyer engaged to conduct the review.


She had also pointed out to News Room that there was unfair competition at the airport and other deficiencies that warrant an objective investigation and speedy resolution.


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