Businessman robbed of $700,000 gold chain by lone bandit


By Royan Abrams

The police in ‘B’ Division are investigating a robbery which occurred earlier this morning on a businessman after he departed a Guinness bar in New Amsterdam.


According to information received, businessman, 59-year-old Ramroop Rajnauth of Kent Street, New Amsterdam was imbibing at the Guinness bar at Main and Lad Lane streets, New Amsterdam. He subsequently departed in his motor car at about 1:25 hours and headed to his home.


Rajnauth told police that he arrived home and exited to open his gate, however, when he was about to head back into the vehicle he was approached by a man who snatched his gold chain from his neck and escaped on foot.


Several persons were questioned but no useful information has been provided so far.


Investigations are in progress.

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