‘B’ Division boosted with over $1.5M in equipment for ‘Operation Safeway’


By Royan Abrams

Ranks of the Police ‘B’ Division received additional resources at an estimated cost of over $1.5M to aid in its implementation of the recently launched ‘Operation Safeway’.


Operation Safeway was launched on Thursday (September 15, 2016), by the Guyana Police Force’s (GPF) Traffic Department to restore road safety consciousness and minimise accidents on the roadways. The project will see increased traffic patrol exercises, spot checks and random breathalyser tests. There will also be an increase in night patrols.


With a high rate of fatal accidents, ranks in Berbice will be intensifying their daily routines to prevent speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol, overloading of vehicles, riding without a helmet and other offences that contribute to accidents.


The Division received a number of speed guns, breathalyser kits and reflecting vests, among other equipment to aid in their operation.

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Superintendant of police, Budnarine Persaud during an interview, said the division will accept zero tolerance for speeding and drunk driving, which are the two major causes of accidents.


“We will be having a lot of night patrol and the ranks doing that we want them to be visible in the night… This will help us because with this amount of equipment we get now almost every station will have the resources to do breathalyser testing and addressing the speeding concerning our division so operation Safeway is we just intensifying what we are doing by putting the extra effort” he said.


He disclosed that there is a shortage of human resources, however, “we are doubling up, the ranks are already pushing twelve hours of their time to police the roads in Berbice but now we will have to go some extra.”


Additionally the head of subdivision one, Gladwin Joaquin, subdivision two, Clay Rose and subdivision three, Audie Beckles related that they are prepared to step up their efforts to address any traffic related offences in their respective subdivisions.


Assistant Commissioner of Police, David Ramnarine, at a Press Conference on Wednesday (September 14, 2016) reported that a total of 89 fatal accidents were recorded for 2016, thus far. This is compared to 67 fatal accidents in 2015. There were 96 deaths recorded in 2016 in comparison to 81 deaths by accidents last year, he said.


In 2012, the police recorded 102 accidents with 110 deaths, in 2013- 103 accidents with 112 deaths, 2014- 135 accidents with 146 deaths and 2015- 106 accidents with 126 deaths.

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