Family seeking justice one year after death of loved one


By Malisa Playter Harry



The Deene’s family of Fyrish Village, Corentyne, Berbice yesterday celebrated one year since the passing of Devon Deene, who was 22- years- old when he lost his life in a motorcycle accident along the Albion Public Road.


Deene was a Feeler Table Operator at the Albion Sugar Estate.


News Room visited the home of the still grieving family members who continue to call for justice for Deene.


Nikita Loncke age 29, sister of Devon Deene told this publication that even though a year has passed the night of the accident remains fresh in her mind, but made it clear that she is not satisfied that the driver of the minibus that was involved in the accident that claimed her brother’s life, is still on the road “driving recklessly”.


Loncke reiterated, “we have not forgotten, he was my brother, we want justice”.


She still believes that Gobherdhan Seeratan driver of minibus PHH 3410 should be penalized for his actions. According to Loncke, Seeratan was never charged and did not appear in court for the offence since it was claimed that Deene was the cause of the accident.


However, police sources stated that Seeratan was intoxicated at the time of the accident.


Eyewitnesses also stated that he was speeding along the Albion Public Road since he had earlier left the Berbice Expo on  September 22, 2015.


Deene’s other sister, Kenisha Deene, related that “it hurt my heart that this man is still on the road driving as reckless as he did on the night my brother was struck, we need justice no matter how long it takes”.




Mother, Colleen Williams did not say much since her son’s death still remains fresh in her mind but painfully uttered, “I’ve been hurting inside every day for my son”.


On September 22, 2015 Deene was heading west along the Albion Public Road while Minibus PHH 3410 was heading in the same direction.


Eyewitnesses claim Seeratan was speeding and swerving on the public road which resulted in Deene being struck and eventually lost his life at the Georgetown Public Hospital.


Meanwhile, Police sources indicated that Deene was trying to overtake Seeratan while he was about to make a turn into a street with his indicator light allegedly on.

Deene subsequently hit the right side of the bus pelting him off the bike and further hitting a utility pole. He sustained injuries to his head and face. It was reported that Seeratan was reluctant to take Deene to the hospital; he was eventually picked up after his sister arrived on the scene.


News Room understands that a breathalyzer test was done on Seeratan and showed that he was over the limit.


Seeratan was not required to make any court appearance, he was subsequently released from Police custody after the 72 hours were up.


The family is seeking justice and wants Seeratan charged for the death of their loved one.


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