Employees of UNDP robbed at Brickdam office


At about 12:50 hrs on Friday, two employees of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) were robbed of a handbag containing $10,000.00 GC, one iPad, an electronic dictionary and important documents.


According to police information, a male and a female employee had just returned to the UNDP’s office at 42 Brickdam and United Place Stabroek in their motor car when the incident took place.


It was noted that a dark colored Motor vehicle with the two suspects drove up, existed and accosted the male employee who exited the vehicle and was proceeding into the compound. He resisted and was pushed to the ground. The suspect grabbed the handbag with the contents, entered their vehicle and sped off.


A public spirited citizen who is a licensed firearm holder witnessed the robbery and discharged his licensed firearm in the process, in aid of the victims of the robbery.


Spent shells were found at the scene and investigators are in possession of CCTV footage which they are using to conduct further investigations.

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