Sophia residents to get running water in October


Residents of Sophia can expect access to running water through their taps by the second half of October.


According to the Guyana Water Incorporated, this new development will signal the completion of the ongoing project in which transmission mains are being extended from a newly rehabilitated well in North Ruimveldt to supply ‘C’, ‘D’ and ‘E’ Fields Sophia.


The distribution from the North Ruimveldt well will be further supported by the Turkeyen well, which is situated in the University of Guyana compound.


The community of Sophia is also expected to gain relief from the installation of transmission mains from the Sophia Water Treatment Plant, the company said.


In the meantime, GWI will be beefing up the amount of trucks sent to distribute water to Sophia, even as it continues to adjust its schedule to facilitate those who are not at home during the day.


To date, four trucks filled with 3-4,450gl black tanks of water are sent to ‘C’, ‘D’ and ‘E’ Fields, Sophia to supply residents. Each truck makes at least six trips per day.


GWI is appealing to all residents to be wise in their daily consumption of water

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