Fort Ordinance, East Canje home burglarized; bandits cart off with money and appliances


By Malisa Playter Harry



A home in Fort Ordinance, East Canje, Berbice was last evening September 25, 2016 burglarized.


News Room spoke to the tenant of the two storied concrete building, 22 -year-old Tamika Edwards who related that she was at a Bar-B-Que held a few streets away when the incident occurred.



According to Edwards, her boyfriend returned to the house around 22:00 hours and discovered the front door left ajar. He then used his cellular phone to inform her of the discovery.


Edwards said her 32” Flat Screen Television was missing from the wall, her two rooms ransacked, $92,000 removed from her drawer and $25,000 missing from her sister’s room.


image4  image2-1

She stated that the perpetrator(s) kicked out a window grill on the lower flat of the house and entered through the window.


According to her nothing else was missing but the incident has left her scarred, as she no longer feels safe.


Edwards also informed News Room that her mother’s home was  robbed a few months ago. “I’m moving, I’m not staying here,” she said. Edwards lives with her sister and 6 –year- old niece.


Investigations are ongoing.

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