3rd Convocation of the Institute of Creative Arts hosted


US$2M was approved for the construction of the Institute of Creative Arts (ICA) via a partnership between the governments of Guyana and Mexico.


During the 3rd Convocation of the Institute of Creative Arts (ICA), which was held last evening (Tuesday, September 27, 2016) at the National Cultural Centre, Minister within the Ministry of Education, Nicolette Henry disclosed that the sum was approved. She noted that the partnership between the governments of Guyana and Mexico is in recognition of the importance of the creative arts in the overall development of the country.


“A comprehensive arts education provides a rich course of study that will develop your ability to think, reason and understand the world and its culture,” Minister Henry said.


“This creative arts centre will facilitate the preservation of traditional cultural practices. All the creative programmes will be housed in a central building,” the Minister explained. The government will also work on decentralising community-based art centres around the country.


She added that the government’s vision “is to have a well-established world class Institute of Creative Arts that will provide the best training and highest education possible for our creative artists and even those from further afield” with students and lecturers from across the world.


Minister Henry noted that the Department of Culture, Youth and Sport will play its part in ensuring that the primary school curriculum also includes the arts.


Two of the valedictorians – Jerusha Dos Santos and Mariella Bennett, from the National School of Dance, who graduated last evening from the Institute of Creative Arts, indicated that they were driven by purpose and the passion for dance. They recognised that passion is not always satisfying but it grows continually.


Dos Santos and Bennet noted that the ICA provided a fulfilling experience. It is, therefore, important for the graduating class to share their skills and knowledge with others.


At this year’s ICA Convocation, 71 students from the Schools of Music, Dance, Fine Arts (ERBSA) and Theatre Arts and Drama were presented with their Certificates and Diplomas; an indication that they have successfully completed their respective programmes of study.


Aside from the National School of Dance, valedictorians from the other schools were presented with trophies. These included Odessa Carmichael from the E.R. Burrowes School of Art; Andrew Tyndal from the National School of Music; and Quincy Richards from the National School of Theatre Arts and Drama.


The ICA’s Principal’s report, presented by the Director of Culture (ag), Ms. Tomeka Boatswain recognised the challenges faced by the ICA; those being the attrition rate and students’ commitment to the respective programmes. Ms. Boatswain indicated that some students were not prepared for the work load.

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