Man killed execution style at Gangaram Village, East Canje Berbice


By Malisa Playter Harry

A 38-year-old man was this afternoon shot at Ring Road Gangaram Village , East Canje Berbice.


Dead is Ramnarine Itwaru aka Bill of Gangaram Village.




News Room understands that Itwaru was last seen at 13:00 hrs on Tuesday (September 27, 2016) as he was heading to his farm where he rears his cattle. According to a relative “Bill” would normally venture to the area to cut grass for his cattle.


The body of the 38-year-old farmer was discovered by a fisherman who was coming out of the street at approximately 15:00 hrs.


It is alleged that the fisherman noticed the body on the roadway and upon closer inspection, noticed that the man’s body bears apparent gunshot wounds and marks of violence on his face. He also recognised the man as Itwaru and alerted residents and the deceased’s family.


News Room spoke to the sister-in-law of the now dead man, Sherada Hemraj, who disclosed that she received a phone call at approximately 15:30 hrs with someone informing her that her brother in law was shot and is lying on the roadway.


She then alerted the police who visited the location.

When asked if there might be any suspicions in relation to the perpetrator of the act, Hemraj said “he got a private land that he buy from my father and he does normally stop people from trespassing, also somebody recently thief some ah he cows and he put it up on facebook so I int know if somebody spite him”. Otherwise, she cannot think of anyone who might have wanted to end her brother-in-law’s life.


News Room made efforts to speak to the grieving wife, Rosie Hemraj but she was too devastated to speak to media operatives.


 Deceased's wife; Rosie Hemraj
Deceased’s wife; Rosie Hemraj


Police sources have confirmed that the man’s body bears four gunshot wounds.


Investigations into the incident are ongoing.

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