Two busted with marijuana at Corentyne


By Royan Abrams

Two men have been arrested in connection with the discovery of a quantity of marijuana at Rose Hall Town, Corentyne. on Wednesday, September 28,2016.


The two men identified as 25-year-old Rashawn Brush of Mathai Street, Rose Hall Town, Corentyne and 21-year-old Denesh Balwant of Crawford Street,  Rose Hall were arrested on Wednesday, September 28,2016.


According to a source close to the investigation, officers from the anti-crime patrol were proceeding along the #7 Village, Public Road Corentyne when they spotted the two men standing next to motor car PPP 8120, smoking a “joint”.


This entity was told that upon seeing the officers, the men threw a bag into the nearby bushes. They were later questioned by the officer during which Brush admitted to throwing a parcel of weed into the bushes. A search was conducted and the officer unearthed a bulky transparent plastic bag containing what appeared to be leaves, seeds and stems suspected to be cannabis.


The two men were cautioned about the offence, arrested and taken to the Central Police Station in New Amsterdam where the items were weighed in their presence and amounted to 225 grams.


Brush and Balwant are currently in police custody pending charges

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