Workers of Rose Hall Estate strike due to new strategy implemented at the Estate


By Malisa Playter Harry


Workers from the Rose Hall Estate engaged in Industrial action on Wednesday and Thursday to protest a new strategy implemented at the estate, which they noted will significantly affect them.


One worker explained that the new manager at the facility has implemented the new rule which will see workers receiving less monies at the end of the month.


He explained that ”before if you cut one bed you get paid for one bed now this new manager she if is five bed given to cut for the day and yuh aint cut five but cut less yuh int getting paid at all”.


Errol Munroe a representative of the workers stated angrily that the new Manager Mr. Yudi Persaud has been reluctant to have dialogue with the workers to hear their plight. He stressed that, “the management is failing the estate”.


Mark Periera, worker of the Harvesting gang told this publication that, “they trying fuh cut cost on a smaller man like me when they getting all the benefits, it aint fair”.


There are over 200 workers in every gang with a total of 979 workers participating in the strike.


However, efforts to contact the estate manager proved futile.

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