Police slams irresponsible licensed firearm holders


The use and misuse of firearms by licensed holders is not being allowed to slip under the mat by the Guyana Police Force.


During a Press Conference on Friday, Assistant Commissioner of Police, David Ramnarine disclosed that an analysis has shown that 80% of the recent robberies conducted were done with the use of .32 pistols and in seven instances, the firearms were stolen.


Ramnarine told the news conference that from July 2016 to present, more than five firearms were either misplaced or stolen from licensed firearm holders.


“We have noted a general disregard on the part of licensed firearm holders. You were approved a personal firearm license for your personal safety and protection but in some of these instances which I will highlight, you won’t have to be a professor or someone with a masters degree to understand that this is really a serious matter in terms of the care, in terms of the level of responsibility exercised which has resulted in the theft of these firearms” Ramnarine emphasised.


He said that of the firearms which were either stolen or misplaced between the periods identified, seven of them are .32 pistols, one shotgun and one 9mmPistol.


The press was told by Ramnarine that there is usually a big fuss by persons who are successful in their firearm application process, however incidents of missing or stolen firearms are some of the reasons that much consideration has to be given by the firearm board.


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