RHTY&SC and Beharry partner for 5/5 cricket


The long-awaited 5/5 cricket tournament organised by the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club (RHTY&SC), M.S, and sponsored by the Edward B. Beharry Company Limited would bowl off on Sunday October 16 at the Bush Lot Cricket Ground in West Berbice.


The West Berbice Zone would be coordinated by David Black of the West Berbice Cricket Association and Robby Saywack of the Bush Lot Cricket Club.


Secretary/CEO of the organising club, Hilbert Foster, disclosed that the objectives of the tournament are to promote the ‘Say No to Drugs, Crime, Suicide and Say Yes to Education, Life and Sports’ message across Berbice, to promote social cohesion among residents and to promote sports as an alternative to a life on the road.


The tournament would involve the division of Berbice into four sub-zones – West Berbice, New Amsterdam/Canje, Lower Corentyne and Upper Corentyne. The West Berbice Zone, consisting of 10 teams, would be played on October 16, followed by New Amsterdam/Canje on the 23rd; Upper Corentyne on the 30th; and Lower Corentyne on November 6.


The finals would be played on November 13 at a venue to be decided, while all teams participating in the tournament would be provided with educational materials on the ‘Say No/Say Yes’ programme.


Foster disclosed that places for teams are only available in the New Amsterdam/Canje and Lower Corentyne areas and interested clubs can contact the RHTY&SC, M.S, on 337-4562 to register as early as possible.


In the New Amsterdam/Canje area, the teams that have registered are Young Warriors, Young and Restless, Good Bananen and Rose Hall Estate. RHT Bakewell A and B, Fyrish, Belvedere United and Courtland are the teams registered in the Lower Corentyne area.


The winner and the top two runner-ups would advance to the finals where they would get the opportunity to take home the winning package of $150,000 and a trophy. The winner of each zone would take home $15,000.


The rules of the competition would allow for five bowlers to bowl one over each, while only two fielders would be allowed out of the 30-yard circle for the first over. A maximum of five fielders would be allowed out of the circle for the remainder of the innings.


Teams would also be allotted 20 minutes to complete their five overs. Umpires would be chosen by the Berbice Umpires Association and players are reminded that indiscipline would not be tolerated.


The 10 teams that would be taking part in the West Berbice zone are Young Achievers ‘A’, Young Achievers ‘B’, Bush Lot New Generation, Bush Lot United, Weldaad, Blairmont, D’ Edward ‘A’,  D’ Edward ‘B’, Number Five Modderlust and Cotton Tree Die Hard.


Each team can play only two first division players who have played three or more first division matches in 2015 and 2016 combined, teams in West Berbice are asked to contact David Black on 624-7606 for more information.


Photo caption: Representatives of the RHTY&SC, M.S and Edward B. Beharry sealing the sponsorship deal

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