UPDATE; Speeding led to Bamia accident; driver to be charged


By Royan Abrams

Police in ‘E’ Division will be seeking advice from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) on the institution of a ‘causing death by dangerous driving charge’ against the driver of CRV PTT 1643 which caused the death of Abeola Gomes at Bamia, Linden Highway.


The driver; Tyon Phillips was allegedly speeding at the time of the accident.


A post mortem was on Friday conducted on the remains of 38-year-old Abeola Gomes who succumbed to her injuries following the accident on Tuesday (September 27, 2016). It was disclosed that she died as a result of multiple injuries.


The examination was done by Dr. Nehaul Singh at the Georgetown Public Hospital.


In Tuesday’s accident, Gomes of Long Creek Linden Highway lost her life while 31-year-old Tyon Phillip of Cultivation Soesdyke Linden and 23-year-old Latisha Lindore, of Haruni Linden Highway, sustained injuries about their bodies.


According to reports, at about 13:35 hours CRV PTT 1643 owned and driven by Phillips was heading East along the Northern carriageway at a fast rate when the driver encountered and bump on the road and as a result lost control of the vehicle which toppled several times before coming to a halt.


News Room was told that after the vehicle came into contact with the bump on the Public Road, Gomes was flung out of the vehicle and sustained head injuries. She died while receiving treatment.


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