Annual Bakewell Junior Tennis Open underway


The Guyana Tennis Association (GTA) recently launched the third edition of the Bakewell Junior Open in the presence of several of its top junior players.


The tournament is held annually to coincide with the death anniversary of the late CEO of Bakewell, Naeem Nasir, in honour of his contribution to national sport events, specifically tennis.


Speaking at the launch, Amanzar Yacoob, representing Bakewell on behalf of the current CEO Rabindranauth Ganga, said that the entity is excited to be part of junior tennis for the third time, contributing to the development of children.


Bakewell will carry on the legacy of the late CEO and continue to support the development of the sport, he said. Nasir constructed a tennis court at President’s College during 2010.


Tournament Coordinator, Shelly Daly-Ramdyhan, in her remarks, said that 39 players had registered and that the usual high level of discipline and honesty is expected when playing and scoring.


Three categories- Under-12, Under-14 and Under-18- are being contested for boys and girls. The round- robin format is used for maximum competition and observance of performance. 


Former GTA President and now Committee Member, Grace McCalman, thanked the management of Bakewell for fulfilling its social responsibility towards national development through long term support for tennis.


She noted that this prestigious tournament being the last one before the Tennis at IGG, will form part of the evaluation for selection for the team of 12 players. Tennis IGG will run from October 26 to November 1 in French Guiana. She further informed that the association is working towards a tennis programme for the college and nearby primary schools during the coming year.

Bakewell and GTA representatives seal the partnership
Bakewell and GTA representatives seal the partnership

Below are the results from the games played to date.


Boys Under-12: Adesh Khayyam defeated Anish Sharma 5/3 5/4; Adesh Khayyam defeated Vadeanand Resaul 5/3 5/3; Jeremiah Kalekyezi defeated Wayne Baker  4/2 4/2; Nigel Lowe defeated Jeremiah Kalekyezi 2/4 4/1 (12/10); Nigel Lowe defeated Wayne Baker  4/1 4/1 ; and Vadeanand Resaul defeated Anish Sharma via walkover.


Boys Under-14: Joshua Kalekyezi defeated Wayne Baker 4/0 4/0; Ridwan Kasim defeated Vijay Sharma 4/0 4/0; Adesh Khayyam defeated Wayne Baker 5/3 4/2; Jordan Beaton defeated Jeremah Kalekyezi 4/1 4/0; Jordan Beaton defeated Akil Browne 4/1 4/2; Ridwan Kasim defeated Michaia Andrews via walkover; Vijay Sharma defeated Michaia Andrews via walkover; and Viraj Sharma defeated Adesh Khayyam 5/4 (7/1) 4/1.


Boys Under-18: Joshua Kalekyezi defeated Ridwan Kasim 6/0 6/0; Shimron Lewis defeated Alexandre Almeida via walkover; Viraj Sharma defeated Ridwan Sharma 6/0 6/0; Heimraj  Resaul defeated Vijay Sharma 6/1 6/0; Heimraj Resual defeated Ravin Ramprasad 6/0 6/2; Joshua Kalekyezi defeated Khalid Gobin 6/4 6/2; Khalid Gobin defeated Ridwan Kasim 6/0 6/0; Mark McDonald defeated Alexandre Almeida 6/1 7/5; Ravin Ramprasad defeated Ariel Khan 6/3 5/7 10/5; Shimron Lewis defeated Akil Browne 7/5 7/6 (7/3) 10/7; Vijay Sharma defeated Ravin Ramprasad 6/0 6/1; and Viraj Sharma defeated Khalid Gobin 6/4 7/5.


Girls Under-12: Akilah Jones defeated Nandanee Ramdyhan 4/1 4/1; Akilah Jones defeated Paula Kalekyezi 4/1 4/1; Nandanee Ramdyhan defeated Paula Kalelyezi 2/4 4/2 (10/2); Sarah Klautky defeated Akilah Jones 4/0 4/1; Sarah Klautky defeated Nandanee Ramdyhan 4/0 4/0; and Sarah Klautky defeated Paula Kalekyezi 4/0 4/0.


Girls Under-14: Diena Sandbeharry defeated Alana Chung via walkover; Nathalie Ramdyhan defeated Margaret Subryan 5/3 4/4 (9/7); Sarah Klautky defeated Ciara Pooran 4/0 4/2; Alana Chung defeated Sarah Klautky 4/1 2/4 10/5; Ciara Pooran defeated Deina Sandbeharry via walkover; Ciara Pooran defeated Alana Chung 4/1 5/3; and Sarah Klautky defeated Ciara Pooran 4/0 4/2.


Girls Under-18: Kalyca Fraser defeated Nathalie Ramdyhan 6/1 6/4; Margaret Subryan defeated Kureece King 6/0 6/0; Nicola Ramdyhan defeated Kalyca Fraser 6/1 6/2; and Shivani Persaud defeated Margaret Subryan 6/1 6/2.


A series of knockout matches will be played at the President’s College tennis court on Sunday, before final matches return to the National Racquet Centre.


Cover photo caption: The participating players strike a pose with officials of Bakewell and the GTA

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