Killer bees attack customers and business operators


By Royan Abrams

Customers and business owners were sent scampering after a swarm of bees invaded a mall at Main and Trinity streets, New Amsterdam on Monday October 03, 2016.


News Room understands that at about 9:00 hours this morning, one of the business owners discovered what appeared to be a swarm of bees that had made the staircase their new home.


An official from the National Agricultural and Research Extension Institute (NAREI) Devon Gilead was called in to have the bees removed as they were posing threats to the owners of establishments, customers and even passersby.


NAREI Official, Devon Gilead
NAREI Official, Devon Gilead


Although no one was seriously injured, Gilead noted that after receiving a call about the presence of the bees in the mall, he immediately grabbed his gears and visited the location where he safely removed the bees.


Africanized bees also known as killer bees are described as being aggressive, they react to disturbances faster and can chase a person a quarter of a mile.


Over the years Africanized bees have killed several persons locally as well as animals.

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