Corentyne teacher sent on administrative leave for sexually assaulting students


By Royan Abrams

A senior teacher attached to a Secondary School at Corentyne, Berbice (name of school withheld) is in the middle of an investigation which suggested that he sexually assaulted several of his female students.


One of the claims were confirmed on July 05, 2016 at #62 Village on the Corentyne when the accused was arrested and charged with sexual assault. It was disclosed that he touched one of his female students inappropriately while she was at school. This matter is presently before the court.


However, a concerned parent contacted the News Room and disclosed that this kind of activity has been happening for several years at the school with more than one female student being affected. The parent said the school board and administrative staff have been covering up the issue.


News Room contacted the head teacher of the school who confirmed that indeed the male teacher (name provided) was accused of sexual assault and was recently sent on administrative leave by the Regional Education Department in Region Six. She could not say how long the teacher would remain on leave and whether or not he will return to work at the school.


The head teacher also disclosed that the teacher in question is also the Head of the Science Department at the Secondary School.


Meanwhile efforts to solicit a comment from the Regional Education Officer on the matter were unsuccessful.


More details on this development will be provided as it becomes available.

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