Fisherman missing; family fears worst


By Malisa Playter Harry

An 18-year-old fisherman of No. 2 village, East Canje, Berbice has been missing since Thursday, September 29, 2016, after he left to seek employment.


Missing is Dinesh Bhagwandin aka ‘Jado’ of Lot 92, Second Street, No. 2 Village.


News Room spoke to his 27-year-old sister, Sukmattie Rampersaud aka Dian who related that her brother left early Thursday morning and told her that, “he going to 43 fa look a fishing wuk, he tell meh seh he go call when he get through”. According to the sister, her brother called later on that day to inform her that he was successful in getting a job with a boat and will be heading out to sea. That was the last time she heard her brother’s voice.

Sister; Sukmattie Rampersaud
Sister; Sukmattie Rampersaud

On Saturday, September 30, 2016, Rampersaud said she received a call from an unknown individual informing her that her brother fell overboard and could not be located.


“The person asked who she is and meh tell dem and then the person she Jado fall overboard and hang up” she said.


She told this publication that since her brother has been missing, her husband and other brothers have been searching both Suriname and Guyana waters for any sign of him but to no avail. They are still clinging to hope that he might still be alive.


The matter was only reported on Tuesday, October 03, 2016 to the Central Police Station., however, it was also highlighted that authorities have not been assisting with the search


Meanwhile, after some investigation by the family, it was revealed that the person whose boat Bhagwandin was working on is known as “Captain Doobay”.


Mother of the missing teen was too devastated to speak with media operatives but is asking for justice and the safe return of her youngest son.


Investigations are ongoing.

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