Gov’t taking radical approach to address declining performance in Grade six Mathematics


Senior officials from the Ministry of Education and Minister of Education Dr. Rupert Roopnarine were engaged by Cabinet on the declining performance of students in Mathematics at this year’s National Grade six assessment.


According to a press release, cabinet members met yesterday October 4, as a matter of urgency and national importance to deliberate on the unsatisfactory performance in the core subject at this year’s assessment.


It was highlighted that for many years, Guyana has consistently failed to achieve acceptable pass rates in mathematics and according to the Government the previous approach to this problem has been inadequate.


Government revealed that for the first time this year, the Ministry of Education contracted the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) to conduct the examination for the Grade Six students in Guyana.


The basis of assessment used was radically different from what was used previously by the Ministry of Education. This year there was an increased focus on reasoning and a decreased emphasis on retention.


The press release further stated that the new method to testing, as implemented by CXC has exposed even more the weakness of the previous approach to education adopted by the Ministry of Education in previous years.


Cabinet considers this situation one of national urgency requiring its focused attention and commitment to finding adequate and appropriate solutions in the shortest possible time.


As part of a plan for short and medium term measures, Cabinet called on the Ministry of Education and its technical advisors to identify all appropriate steps needed to remedy this situation.


Those steps would include remedial training of teachers, better and more varied text books, more teaching aids and better use of technology in the delivery of education.



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