PNC celebrates 59th Anniversary;Leader celebrates Guyana as a ‘green’ state


The People’s National Congress Reform, today, celebrates the 59th anniversary of its founding and Party leader and President, David Granger reminded that the PNC, as part of a coalition administration, led the colony of British Guiana into nationhood.



“Guyana, under our Founder-leader and first Prime Minister, strove to satisfy the needs of our people by expanding public education; by improving public health and public security; by increasing the stock public housing; by introducing social protection through NIS; by enhancing social cohesion and by extending public infrastructure through bridges and highways and the delivery of public services to the people,” Granger told those gathered this morning at Congress Place.


He noted that the party, under its second leader, Desmond Hoyte, paved a ‘green’ pathway for the nation in 1989 by entering into a covenant with the world to be an exemplar of ‘green’ growth. “We made a gift to sustainable development and to the protection of the environment through a generous grant of 371,000 hectares of our pristine forests to be used as an international model for green development.”


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According to the President, the Iwokrama International Centre for Rainforest Conservation and Development (IICRCD) – located in the heart of the country and at the centre of the Guiana Shield – survives and thrives as a testament to Guyana’s commitment to a ‘green’ economy.


He said too that the PNC is committed to support the Government’s goal to achieve a ‘green economy’.


“Guyana is an emergent ‘green state.’ Our natural assets, our commitment to sustainable development, our contribution to countering the adverse effects of climate change and our collaboration with the international community in seeking solutions to global threats will ensure a secure future for our people and our children in the pursuit of a ‘green’ economy,” the President pointed out.


The Party leader concluded that “Our Party, as part of a coalition administration with its partners – the AFC, GAP, JFAP, NFA and WPA – will continue to pursue a ‘green’ development path.  Our parties, with the support of the majority of the population, have the duty to fulfill our mandate to maintain Guyana as the greenest, most beautiful, most bountiful country in the Caribbean. Our mission is to enable all Guyanese to enjoy ‘a good life’ which they deserve as citizens of a ‘green’ state.”

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