UPDATE; Family of murdered taxi driver cries out for justice


The relatives of 24- year- old Rolan Joodie also known as Vishal of 1578, Tuschen Housing Scheme, East Bank Essequibo (E.B.E) who was murdered by his passengers on Tuesday evening, is pleading for justice.


News Room today spoke to the young man’s wife, 21-year-old Tarmattie Kumar who noted that she is not suspicious of anyone who might have wanted to kill her husband since “He is a very good person…he never show nobody no bad face…he ah go wuk and come home and yuh neva hear nothing bad about am.”


Wife; Tarmattiee Kumar
Wife; Tarmattiee Kumar


The widow who is now left to take care of her two–year- old son, is still contemplating her next move; however, she is calling on the law enforcement authorities to ensure that justice prevails.


The woman said she last spoke to her husband when he said he was going into the Housing Scheme to wash his car earlier in the day.


“Last talk I had with him…he seh he ah go wash he car and then he gone and me nah call am back and suh and then about 7, me front neighba call and seh Vishal get shoot ah black wata and abe go down…was in a track like and them seh nah touch the car…he nah get none money wuh he wuk pon morning, he ring loss and he phone loss. When we call, he phone ah go to voicemail” she related to New Room.


‘Vishal’ was shot and killed after taking two passengers into a lonely part of the Tuschen Housing Scheme where they had requested to be taken. Neither of the suspects who have been described by persons who saw them entering the young man’s car has been arrested thus far.


Joodie’s mother-in-law, Hemwattie Goberdhan related that her son-in-law usually does construction work with her husband and taxi part time, however, he decided to work his taxi all day on Tuesday.


Mother-in-law; Hemwattie Goberdhan
Mother-in-law; Hemwattie Goberdhan


“Vishal does do construction wuk with me husband at Eccles and he seh he nah feel like go wuk yesterday so he ah guh wuk he taxi and he gone out early fo ketch school picknee and he come in back and he eat (he nah bin drink tea and he come in back and he eat) and he go out back and then he come back and eat lunch and me nah see am back. About 7:00, the neighba call and tell she (his wife) that Vishal get shoot and ah black wata he deh and abe rush down and dem seh he dead” Goberdhan said.


She said that when she arrived at the location there were several persons who had already gathered around the car.


Relatives were also told that persons in the area reported hearing a single gunshot but were too afraid to investigate.


Vishal’s mother, Bibi Waheeda Isaacs also spoke with News Room. She said she was at home when she received a call at around 7:30hrs, informing her that her youngest son was shot.


Mother, Bibi Waheeda Isaacs
Mother, Bibi Waheeda Isaacs


The woman has three sons and five daughters.


It is believed that the two suspects, who are still at large, hired the man with the intention of robbing him. Hence they took him to the back of the Scheme and carried out the act before killing him.

BREAKING NEWS: Taxi driver murdered by passenger

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