UPDATE; Senior Cop relieved of duties following fatal accident


The Traffic Chief is investigating the circumstances surrounding the fatal accident which occurred at about 11:30hours on Tuesday, involving a Motor Car owned and driven by an Assistant Superintendent of Police.


According to police information, the fatal accident occurred on the Vreed-en-Hoop Public Road, West Coast Demerara (W.C.D), involving Motor Car PRR4446 owned and driven by an Assistant Superintendent of Police, Jermaine Grant stationed on the West Demerara. He has since been relieved of his duties.


Enquiries revealed that the car was proceeding west on the southern driveway and it allegedly veered further south, hitting pedestrian, 65 years old Anmanie Deonarine, who was walking east along the same side of the road.


Deonarine of Vreed-en-Hoop, W.C.D was picked up and rush to the West Demerara Regional Hospital where she succumbed whilst receiving treatment.


A breathalyzer test was conducted on the Officer by the Traffic Chief himself and no trace of blood alcohol was recorded, the force said.

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