Ministry of the Presidency set for major rehabilitation


Minister of State Joseph Harmon has revealed that the relocation of the National Trust and the Walter Roth Museum that was announced earlier, was being done to facilitate the rehabilitation of the sections of the Ministry of the Presidency complex, Vlissingen road.


“Some of these movements became necessary because this building here is due for major renovation works. The cabinet room itself is cramped so there is to be an extension to the Cabinet room which would, in fact, affect the functioning of the Office of the President” Harmon said.


Minister Harmon further clarified that the idea was the President’s Secretariat would be moved to facilitate these works for a temporary period.


In August, the ministry of the presidency announced the relocation of these two facilities, however, later in the month following much public outcry, the decision was then put on hold concerning the Walter Roth Museum.


Government through Minister of Education, Dr Rupert Roopnarine at that time said no decision would be made on the relocation of the Museum, until consultations have been had with the museum staff and stakeholders, including the leaders of the 212 Indigenous villages. The Walter Roth Museum is used to preserve Indigenous culture and artefacts.

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