Cotton Tree men hospitalized after chopping each other


By Royan Abrams

Two men were rushed to the Fort Wellington Hospital for medical attention on Wednesday (October 05, 2016) after they inflicted chop wounds on each other at Cotton Tree Village, West Coast Berbice (W.C.B).


Seriously injured are, Cane harvester, 53-year-old Ishwar Persaud and fisherman, 40-year-old Chandrapaul Narine; both of Cotten Tree Village, W.C.B.


According to information received, at about 17:00 hours on Wednesday, Ishwar Persaud and his brother Hardat Persaud were engaged in an argument during which Chandrapaul Narine intervened, and struck Ishwar with a piece of wood.


News Room was told that Ishwar asked Narine to desist from such behaviour and left to go home, however, he was followed by Narine who dealt him two chops to his head. Ishwar then picked up a cutlass and dealt Narine a chop to his head and in the vicinity of his eye.


Both men were rushed to the Fort Wellington Hospital where they were admitted.


Investigations into the incident are ongoing.

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