New REO appointed at Region Six


The Ministry of Communities has appointed Kim Williams-Stephen to serve as the new Regional Executive Officer (REO) of the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) No. 6 who promises to bring a high level of efficiency, knowledge and competence to the post.


Williams-Stephen says she also intends to ensure that greater emphasis is being placed on results-oriented service.


The New REO’s appointment follows the resignation of Former Member of the Alliance For Change (AFC), Dr. Veersammy Ramayya.


According to a statement from the Ministry, Williams-Stephen has 30 years of experience in the public service, 28 of which was spent at the Audit Office of Guyana in the capacity of Audit Manager (ag) for Regions Five and Six.  She also audited for Regions Seven and Nine.


“It’s an honour and privilege for me to have been given the opportunity to serve in this capacity. I gave the praises and thanks to God Almighty because without him this would not have been possible,” the REO was quoted as saying.


Williams-Stephen noted that her main functions as REO would include the provisionof service to the community in the areas of health, agriculture, infrastructure, and education and to ensure that resources are expended for the intended purpose.


“My aim would be to ensure that these essential community services are delivered in a cost-effective manner bearing in mind that quality is the most important factor,” the REO explained.


With overseas training in performance management, Williams-Stephen said her intention will be to ensure that each staff has a thorough understanding of their importance to the collective goal and is aware of their individual roles and responsibilities.


“Each person must know that they have a vital role to play. We need to first understand that we are working for a common good and so we have to put our political differences aside. The main objective is to ensure that when we provide a service it must be done to the best of our ability,” she pointed out.


She further committed to building on the strengths of the council and create an awareness that the provision of service must be undertaken for the sole purpose of improving the livelihood of those in the community.

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