PNC/R pledges commitment to further development of Guyana


The People’s National Congress/Reform says it has never forgotten and will never forget its duty to the working people of this country.


According to the party in its 59 years of stewardship, it has proven “beyond any doubt” its commitment to nation building and representing the interest of the masses.


“As we look forward to our Diamond Jubilee next year, we remain committed to national unity and the building of bridges to all communities and groups, which are interested in the well-being of the people and the progress of our country,” the party noted.


It reminded that at the recently concluded 19th Biennial Delegates Congress, it was agreed by consensus that the Party must continue to engage vigorously in all political discourse, especially where the lives of the ordinary man is impacted.


“Delegates to our Congress raised questions  and expressed concern about the Procurement Act 2003; they opined that the procurement process seemed skewed in favour of already established big businesses and mandated that (the PNCR) as a member of the six party coalition in government, seriously and speedily address those areas of the law that restrict or make it difficult for new persons (especially small contractors and new start-ups) to enter into and be successful in securing government contracts.”


The PNCR says it is aware that small contractors need assistance in order for them to be able to compete and win bids for government projects.  The Party has therefore committed to putting resources in place to assist the small contractor.


With immediate effect the PNCR says it will facilitate training for small contractors and individuals who may not be fully conversant with the prequalification requirements and other matters pertaining to the bid process.


On a weekly basis, on a day and date to be announced shortly, a Minister of the Government will be at Congress Place to meet with the public. The PNCR Public Relations Department will also be responsible for posting the ministerial schedule online and broadcasting it to the other mainstream media and the public.


The PNCR pledged its commitment to managing the economy in such a way as to produce wider entrepreneurial and job opportunities and more equitable outcomes. “The Party will work to ensure that the bulk of the generated income and wealth accrues to the populace as a whole and not only to a very small elite.”


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