Rose Hall Mayor accuses acting town clerk of bullyism


By Malisa Playter Harry


Mayor of Rose Hall Town Mr. Vijay Kumar Ramu has leveled several accusations against the acting town clerk Ms. Natasha Munroe.



According to Ramu, Munroe is stifling progress with her “piggish attitude” and bullying.


He told News Room “I have come to the conclusion that the town clerk is undermining the progress of the council”.


The Mayor said matters got personal following a council meeting on April 20, 2016, where statements he made were misinterpreted by Munroe, who claimed that he was making direct threats at her.


Ramu said the acting town clerk’s attitude since has spilled over to several meetings, where she continues to display hostility towards him and the staff.


Meanwhile, News Room along with other media operatives in an effort to solicit a comment from the Town Clerk was greeted with hostility by Munroe, who after learning about the Mayor’s claims rudely slammed the door on the reporters.


The Mayor is hoping for an intervention, since he has already served Munroe with two warning letters and according to him, Munroe’s attitude is not conducive to development.




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