Abducted U.S Citizen under investigation


A Cuban-born United States citizen who was on Saturday rescued by the police after they received information that he was being held against his will at a location in the lower Pomeroon River, is now being investigated by the law enforcement authorities.


News Room previously reported that Norien Lopez who is based in Florida in the United States arrived in Guyana on September 29, 2016, allegedly as part of a tour. However, he subsequently left Guyana via a boat to neighbouring Venezuela, even without the requisite documents leading to his arrest by the Venezuelan authority.


Lopez was allegedly abducted by the owner of the boat which he used to visit the Spanish- speaking country, after the captain of that boat paid for his release from the Venezuelan authorities. Following information received, the police swooped down on the location where he was being held on Saturday and eventually rescued him, however, the question of his attempted illegal visit to Venezuela remains unanswered.


According to the man, he was heading to see a girlfriend in Colombia.


He has since been released in the custody of his friends but was asked to log his travel documents. Police are checking up on his recent travels to several parts of the globe.


Back in 2014, the man who was 29 years old at the time travelled to countries such as Colombia, Ecuador, and Mexico. Over the weekend he told the police that he ended up in Venezuela as he was making his way to Colombia to see a girlfriend.


Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico are all countries known to be very active in the drugs underworld.


Meanwhile, the businessman along with his wife and two cousins remain in custody for the alleged abduction.

BREAKING NEWS: Six in custody for abduction of US citizen

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