Attorney Jason Moore admitted to the bar


Jason Moore was admitted to the Bar on October 7, 2016 after former Magistrate Gordon Gilhuys made his petition before Justice Sandra Kurtzious.


Moore, who hails from the village of Craig on the East Bank of Demerara, recently graduated from the Hugh Wooding Law School where he attained his Legal Education Certificate.


He is a former student of the Covent Garden Secondary School, and the University of Guyana, where he obtained his Bachelors of Law Degree in 2014.


In his presentation, Attorney Gilhuys noted the academic and professional achievements of Moore, who had previously served for a number of years in the Guyana Police Force, and also at the Guyana Revenue Authority.


In her remarks, Justice Kurtzious, urged the new Attorney to always do his best is his endeavors, and to ensure that he is punctual, honest, and respectful during the discharge of his responsibilities as he has a professional and moral responsibility to do so, at all times.


Moore, in his response, thanked Justice Kurtzious for accepting his petition, and gave praises to God for “his guidance, mercy and love”.


Moore said “becoming an Attorney at Law has been an aspiration of mine from a child growing up. During those years, I was mainly intrigued with the peculiar attire of the profession. But as I grew older, I became aware that the profession is much more than that which reaches the eyes. I learnt that the law affects every aspect of our lives; from driving a car, to making purchases from the store, or even renting a house. It is that vital component which reflects the ethos of our society. Today I am deeply honoured, most grateful and truly humbled to be a part of that vital component.”


He also expressed his sincere thanks to his family, friends, and the members of the Craig Assembly of God Church, for their continued prayers and support in helping to make his dreams a reality.


(Photo Caption: Attorney-at-law Jason Moore in the company of Justice Sandra Kurtzious, Attorney-at-law Gordon Gilhuys, and his family after being accepted to the Bar)


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