PPP opposes removal of Vendors from under the canopy of Stabroek Market


The Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) is opposing the recent move by the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) to remove vendors from under the canopy of the Stabroek Market.


During a Press Conference on Monday, General Secretary of the party, Clement Rohee is of the view that this move will contribute to a wider societal problem; forcing the vendors into illegal activities to fend for themselves.


“City Hall, in its attempt to rid the Stabroek Market of criminal activities, will in effect be creating a wider societal problem by throwing more vendors on to the streets forcing them to fend for themselves by any means necessary,” Rohee said.


The M&CC ordered the removal of vendors from under the canopy of the Stabroek Market following the discovery of a gun on Thursday night. It is alleged a disassembled firearm was found in the possession of a hooded man who eventually escaped.


The General Secretary stated that if using the discovery of a firearm to remove vendors is disproportionate to the claim that “the area is a haven for criminal activities”, then the argument must be extended to the situation at Bourda, La Penitence and other market places in the City.


He recommended that “what is required is the cooperation of the vendors and an increase of foot-patrols by people-friendly, not arrogant members of the Constabulary as well as intelligence gathering efforts through undercover police operatives working in collaboration with the City police.”


The PPP is also of the view that the municipal authority should find a “more humane and consultative solution to the small man’s problems.”

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