Region six Councillors express concerns about all-weather road


By Malisa Playter Harry


Some Region Six Councillors have expressed concern regarding the construction of an all-weather road from Number 58 Village to Canje Creek, proposing instead that the $900M be spent on smaller agricultural roads.


During a brief interview with Regional Chairman David Armogan he noted that “what some councillors are saying is that there are so many agricultural dams that you already have which are in very bad condition and which would assist poor farmers if they are done over properly so why are you going to spend so much money over doing one dam to open new lands, when there are already lands that are available and we don’t have all weather roads for people to utilize these lands”.


He said in the next scheduled meeting councillors will be in a better position to study the proposal and make a decision whether to forge ahead with the project.


The all- weather road is expected to benefit some 8,000 farmers in Region six.


Just recently Minister of Agriculture Noel Holder accepted the proposal to have the possibility of the $900 M all- weather road be discussed.


(Photo Caption: Region Six Chairman David Armogan)

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