Residents of Andy Ville, Linden to get access to running water


The Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) is examining the possibility of providing access to running water to the residents of Andy Ville, Linden.


This will be made possible through the erection of stand pipes at various points within the community. The village’s main source of water is rain.


During a meeting on Sunday, GWI’s Managing Director Dr. Richard Van West-Charles told members of the Community Development Council (CDC) and other residents that the option of stand pipes was chosen because the area has not yet been regularized.


“What I would try to do after we get a good sense as to what the situation is, we’ll try as best as possible to see how we can bring some relief to the area”, Dr. Van West-Charles noted.


He further explained that, “Because the area is not established as yet we don’t know where roads would run etc, we can’t run a lot of distribution lines but what we may be able to do, and I would be advised by the engineers, is to begin putting stand pipes whereby you can get easy access”.


The GWI MD committed to liaising with the Ministry of Communities and the Lands and Survey Commission, to move ahead with the project.


The residents also assured GWI of their willingness to volunteer their labour towards the realisation of the project.


GWI will spearhead the undertaking, as well as provide the pipes to be laid.



In an effort to prevent water wastage, the MD encouraged the villagers to be viligant and to report any leakage. Additionally, pressure taps will be installed to assist in this regard.


The community with 90 households and an average of 220 persons, stands to benefit from at least three stand pipes at each main road.


Following the meeting, the residents took Dr. Van West-Charles and a team of officals for a walkabout in the community to assess possible areas where the stand pipes can be erected.


Those present at the meeting expressed their gratitude to GWI for looking into satisfying their basic need of access to running water.


Sunday’s meeting came on the heels of a visit to Timehri North, which is also expected to gain access to running water by the end of this year.




(Photo caption: GWI’s Managing Director Dr. Richard Van West-Charles flanked by other officials and someresidents of Andy Ville, Linden)

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